Tuesday, May 16

Why Experience Design?

Have you ever been to an art gallery or visited a website and left feeling like "What a Whacko", and then you tell yourself did i just waste good time?
Well the reason is quite obvious. You came. You saw. You left.....BLANK.
You experienced it alright, not just the way you thought you would or simply had an unpleasant experience. you did not Experience the Design as the design did not meet your expectations.
This is where i step in to give you some insights on how every thing your eye sees or every interface your eye interacts with needs to be an experience that you were able to retain with consent from your brain.
Yes we retain bad experiences too (duhh) but thats only so we dont go there again. That is something that i call negative retention and not very useful if your'e someone trying to sell something to someone now is it??


Blogger Nupur said...

I'm glad you started writing...I look forward to some interesting stuff from you.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Rima said...

Read up then, theres lots coming!

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Sachin said...

Hi Rima,

Nice to hear from you.

Please email me your emails address


11:53 PM  

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