Tuesday, May 16

"The world's mine oyster.
Which I with sword will open."

Now that's what users are thinking before entering a store. Well I'd hate to burst your bubble but if your site aint able to provide a user with his oyster then the chances that you'll ever see him again are rare.
How do you know what's whose oyster? Even if you did manage to get that then how do you know its gonna work. Lets take it one step at a time shall we.
-picture yourself entering a store that gives you the most satisfying experience.
-what all about the store did you remember or manage to retain from your past visits.
-what changes would you make to the store so that it would give you optimal satisfaction.

No your'e not done! Now erase this from your head and think like you would think if the store was yours and random people would enter it daily and each one had a different need and a different way of seeing the store and a thousand bubbles over each ones head.
Now the world's not your oyster but theirs and your finally being able to see that. Design to address the user's needs and not yours. How are you going to give the user convenience and not strain is what you need to be thinking.


Anonymous Sy said...

this dude looks like me girl.

12:46 AM  
Blogger Rima said...

Why'd you think hes there:)

9:03 AM  

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