Tuesday, May 16

Size matters......It always does!

Well atleast on a webpage it does. Think about it, as a designer you always want to see things clear. While designing dont get carried away with what looks good and avoid the critical factor of visibility. Keep in mind the following before you decide to carry out any kind of analysis or redesign. It always helps.
-font size must be hierarchal to the vision and in terms of importance of the content.
-size of the visual elements/graphics must be proportionate to the content. You dont wanna have an over bearing graphic stealing attention from the content. It could work negatively for you and throw the user off.

The Warehouse Syndrome...

Users come to your site expecting things to work the same way they are already used to. As a designer your'e always looking to design something new, something "creative". Well users dont get creative if your definition of creative is something they dont see all the time. I call this the warehouse syndrome. When warehouses with options, browsing space, useful information is what users are used to the "creative" which in opposition to the warehouse would be small stores with unconventional appeal and content, doesnt have much room to take.
Use standard web conventions as breaking them or changing them may throw users off. So far there isnt anything that says this is a standard and if you dont follow it you die. But there are elements in design that make life easier for the user and the designer. These then tend to form the so called conventions. Standard elements comprise of tabs, hyperlinks being blue and underlined, navigation bars being on the left or right verticals....*
Regardless the purpose of the site, these standard elements on a web page placed correctly reduce half the work for the user. He comes, He knows where to look, He has answers, He stays and well maybe if you have managed to captivate him He even buys. At the end of it we all want a sale now dont we!

*Look out for upcoming posts on GUI standards.


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