Thursday, May 18

Im not getting up....and thats that!

Just like that, there i said it. This is how most people feel atleast 5 times a day. Well think about it. Your'e sitting on the couch watching tv the buzzer on something goes off..what do you do.
Now if only everything in the world was at arms reach the world would be perfect. So im thinking there are somethings that i am willing to get up for but most im not. I want the remote on my right, cell phone on the left, laptop near the remote so i can switch between the two easily, tea that never gets over......the list never ends. Oh Oh.. i also want another person in arms reach so that if i cant reach something i can tell them to get it for me. Yes we all think it, come on now.
So as a designer how do you address this on a website. A little mental check list that i always do is:
-make a list of all the features you want to showcase/offer
-sort these features out in order of relevance
-make sure you dont go over board with the content causing too much noise on the page
-maintain the element of surprise subtly to entice the user to surf deep into your site.
While designing you have to tell yourself how can i make your'e life easier today and not how can i make me happy by confusing the hell out of you.
Remember convenience + easy to use goes a long way!

If everything is equally important, then nothing is very important

You hear a lot about details, from "Don't sweat the details” to "God is in the details." Both are true, but with a very important explanation: hierarchy. You must decide what is important, and then attend to it first and foremost. Everything is important, yes. But not everything is equally important.
If you manage to categorize into the above then you know its gonna work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was told that you are good at what you do but did not know that you had a passion for it.

Passion is what drives people to do great things. I am sure you are heading there.

I wish more websites would embrace the concept of clarity and simplicity for the millions of users.

Design concepts are so relative that when it is out there in the market for the general public to judge it is amazing to see that the winners are not the one with more complexity or creativity but the ones with more simple and logical designs. Sounds like you have an uncanny sense of breaking down the complicated matrix into an inviting and logical interface so the general public can have a sense of control and belonging.

That is also what marketing is all about making people believe that they can do it very effortlessly.

10:06 AM  

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