Monday, May 22

Design...did anyone ever stop and think its true meaning? Shall we.....

If you actually look up the word design in a dictionary or on the web most will quite break it down to its simplest form, which in many ways is what you need to apply while designing for the web.
I found some nice ones that have helped me approach the simplistic side of design.
-the act of working out a form of something
-create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner
-conceive or fashion in the mind
-invention:the creation of something in the mind (my personal fav)

I like to define design as a moment of expression that lasts for about a few seconds, minutes if your'e lucky; when nothing stands between you and the board.
But i also do believe as a designer that not everything i design has come out of a moment. What im trying to say is that not everything i design is good. Only 5% of everything i design is good so what do i do with the 95%? Well i make sure that 5% is well distributed on the page so as to compliment the remaining mediocre or nearly satisfactory 95%. This is where most good design formulae come from. Try it out! pick out a piece of art, web page, anything that you consider to be a design. See how many parts of it you love and how much you find satisfactory. The above will become more obvious to you than ever before when you find the answer!


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