Tuesday, May 23

Talking about information.....

Recently i attended a presentation given by a professional on his business module. I would be lying if id say i heard the whole thing and it was amazing. The truth is i heard it all well alright but only about every few minutes i ran back and forth in my head as to what i was gonna do later in the day, what movie should i get and oh shud i get a double cheese burger or just some soup of the day. Then i heard the fellow talk some more and oh i wondered whats the soup of the day..i hope its tortilla soup...

Well this only happened because the guy spoke about the same thing in 100 different ways and threw numbers and matter at me every few seconds. The presentation went on continuous for an hour. Boy was i happy when that got over. Now i was stuck there as it was real and people were in front of me and if i left half way then it would be unacceptable and rude.

But the beauty of a website is that a user can leave as and when he likes and you cant do a damn thing about it. You wish you could but well you cant. So here's the point again people design easy with easy information and keep it little and useful, dont go on and on. It's not music!


Anonymous as_123 said...

plus one on that

9:13 AM  
Blogger Anant said...

everyone knows its not a music...designing is an art.
Didnt get your point clearly.
As a matter of fact you repeated the same point or intened to say the same thing over and over again.
Be SHORT & SWEET. Dont ellaborate too much to an extent that it gets boring.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Rima said...

Your entitled to your opinion, but since you didnt get the point clearly ...read the heading and the content that supports the heading. its meant to give you that feeling so the last 3 lines of the message is conveyed.

6:55 AM  
Blogger Anant Mehta said...

still didnt get it.
anyways looking forward for you next bolg!!

4:35 PM  

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