Wednesday, September 20

Analysis Paralysis!!

Well that phrase pretty much explains it all doesnt it! But heres my take on it. Have you ever been at that point when your at the mall in a store trying to buy yourself a pair of pants and you spend 45 mins looking at all different kinds of pants. Then you do color, sizes, styles, cuts, high waist low waist...the list never ends. Well what happens? you give up eventually, get stressed and say to your self agghhhh il just do this another time.

So heres where design comes in. When you analyse a design, feature or element to the extent where you drive your self nuts about it. eventually your going to give up and freeze. Then your going to end up settling with a mediocre design. Questions are good in the design process. But how many and why your questioning the design should be of top priority. Dont get into minute details that take the life out of you.


Anonymous g- man said...

I agree with the analysis- paralysis and I used to be caught in that trap very often. I figured a way out for myself - I start with the concept and move on from the macro idea and gradually, as the design process evolves with the client narrow down on the micro level.

Sometimes it also helps to bring in fresh eyes for an opinion.

Take a break and do something else.
It is easy to be distracted while doing all this and not losing focus in vital.

9:26 PM  
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