Sunday, September 10

Impact- a powerful six letter word!

Even microsoft fonts give impact the respect it deserves. Open word and select the font Impact and then type anything. You'l see what im talking about. What am i trying to get at??
When your doing a write or a design the word impact plays a very important part. Remember a time when you saw 5 different websites at a time and 2 days later all you remember is one site. Dont you think this is so because it had something distinctive or an element on the site that managed to create the 'Impact' factor for you.
Now ofcourse if you see the word impact in a different light and think it only means that the design needs to be loud, bold, noticeable, in the as to create the impact well then your wrong. The little MSN fellow that launches you IM is a perfect example of what im trying to say. Come on now dont lie...if your a power surfer and spend more than 5 hours on the computer daily then there are days when you dream of the little fellow. You see the IMPACT.


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