Sunday, July 9

What you've seen is all you know!!

well yeah ofcourse what you have seen in design so far is all you will know when you take that sentence literally. But has it ever occured to you that when you design you always end up having an element in that design that you know best. You cant go wrong attitude. There was a time when i used to use the colors green, orange, blue extremely well coz i knew you couldnt go wrong with these colours. Everyone likes them. But now when i design i am allowing my self to try things i have not seen and its working. Sometimes what your eyes havent seen or known can bring in a very fresh look to the design. Not convinced of what i am saying. Try this out. Open your sketchbook..notepad..where ever you sketch and without any kind of brief on the piece, use a color or draw something with a blank mind. You will do something you already know first before you let your mind explore.

The point is dont be afraid to explore with colors. New graphics. New effects. Give your design a meaning you are discovering along the way and not a meaning you already know. What worked once may not always work!